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Friday, February 21, 2014

Descending Mixolydian Mode in D

This week we have two pdf files of TAB. The tuning is DAD, and the mode is D Mixolydian, so it is very easy to support the descending mode with occasional open bass or middle strings. I usually like to do this with fingerpicking, but you can play it with a flatpick if you like:

Descending D Mixolydian with open string accompaniment

More Descending D Mixolydian with open string accompaniment


Friday, February 14, 2014

Descending E Dorian

Last time we looked at arpeggios for a descending B Aeolian Mode in DAD Tuning, and this time we'll descend with E Dorian.

First let's play the single-string version of the E Dorian--frets on the melody string:


Maybe you can hear that this one sounds a little different than the Aeolian. If you want to hear what the E Aeolian sounds like right alongside the E Dorian for comparison, simply substitute the 6th fret for the 6+ and you'll have it. So you might ask yourself how these two modes are similar, and how they are different. Again, going into your favorite search engine and investigating what other folks have to say about the Dorian and the Aeolian modes,,, this is a great exercise, and you might be amazed at what you'll learn!

Harmonizing E Dorian with Em, Bm, A, and D

Here is a pdf of TAB for the Descending E Dorian in 3/4 time. The first 8 bars have the bass string carrying the mode, the second 8 bars have the melody string carrying the mode, and the last 8 bars have a counterpoint ascending bass line, which sounds great when played along with the descending part:

Descending E Dorian Arpeggios

Friday, February 7, 2014

Descending B Aeolian

This time I have a few links about Descending Aeolian Modes:

Descending B Aeolian

...and a pdf of arpeggio TAB harmonizing the B Aeolian:

Harmonized B Aeolian Arpeggios