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Friday, April 1, 2011

Interview on Dulcimer Sessions!

The April/May issue of Mel Bay's Dulcimer Sessions web site has an interview with me, beautifully and professionally put together by my long-time friend and fellow dulcimer player, Lois Hornbostel.

There is a video linked in the interview where I'm playing an semi-improvised version of my tune Light Into Darkness. Back on my home page, I recently put up a pdf of a fairly composed study on the same D-A-Bm-G chord progression. (the famous "Axis of Awesome" chords!). This written study is made to go with the ground bass, which I have in the first eight measures of the study.

Dulcimer Sessions is an absolutely incredible resource for learning mountain as well as hammered dulcimer: the issues go way back, so be sure to look through the listing of back issues.
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